How PressCoin is a $100B market opportunity

PressCoin is different. In order to get your hands around the size of this business opportunity, one has to take a step back.

The value of PressCoin isn’t a single platform or revenue stream. PressCoin is a protocol, shared infrastructure and services, reference implementations, and an open developer ecosystem coupled with a startup accelerator program.

– from What is PressCoin, Really?

In this article, we’ll discuss the Digital Advertising revenue stream in front of PressCoin.

Now, before continuing – let’s lay down some of the current data points. 


Lady Liberty


The Current Trajectory

Since the advertising model has been the lifeblood of the industry, we will use the current ARPU model as a way to project into the future. First, some basics:

A. The number of Internet users will be 5B by the end of 2022

B. We expect the global ad industry to hit $600B by 2022

C. We expect the digital ad industry to be 50% of this, at $300B

D. We expect Facebook/Google to own 60% of digital ad spend

E. We expect Facebook to have 3B users by 2022

F. We model Facebook ARPU to be $20 in 2022

G. We therefore expect Facebook to make $60B in revenue in 2022


The PressCoin Trajectory

In many ways, the PressCoin story is a story of a decentralized, blockchain-driven multi-headed beast. 

Even though PressCoin actually appears as multiple platforms and companies, it is in fact, among other things, a federated aggregated audience.

In other words, PressCoin is a virtual platform, a super-aggregator of not just “page views” or “uniques”, but actual people, deeply embedded into the various platforms, but powered and reachable via a common technology infrastructure.


One Platform to Rule them All

So in a sense, this meta platform, invisible as such, is a collection of the parts, whose value is greater than the sum of it’s parts.



Now, some projections:

A. PressCoin platforms are moderated, and each for a specific purpose (example NextElection)

B. PressCoin foresees 1 in 20 people connected to the Internet seek alternate NEWS platforms

C. PressCoin therefore aims at 250M users through 2022

D. PressCoin ARPU modeled at 3X for “Digital Ad” space (data-driven engagement units)

E. This 3X ARPU difference, when compared with Facebook, is a conservative reflection of long-tail vs specialized audience.

F. This represents PressCoin revenue line of $15B, and represents 60% of all possible value

G. This represents value of 60B when using a 4X multiple on this revenue

H. The remaining 40% of PressCoin’s revenue line comes from entirely non-advertising sources. This includes voting systems, SaaS fees for various platforms, and so on, as well as the value unlocked by the PressCoin venture arm. It also includes the PR marketplace opportunity, as well as a decentralized brand studio.

I. Together, all these constitute a $100B opportunity.


These numbers, while they seem somewhat arbitrary, are based on the fact that there are some blatantly missing platforms on the Internet. For instance, in the age of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, what is the platform for Elections? What is the platform to Understand News? These (and other erstwhile missing) platforms create “moderated, high quality islands of sanity”, and together aggregate a unique and large audience network. 

Facebook, being a common-denominator platform, serving 2B+ users, can by definition, not be particularly niche or deep on any specific topic/functional area. 

PressCoin platforms, on the other hand, are uniquely suited for individual use-cases. Therefore each community is custom-built, features are custom-built, the value created is purpose-built for that specific community, and that specific set of use-cases. This makes each platform less of a traditional “news medium”, but really a deep collaboration space or a product/platform for specific community of users and roles.


Restore Real NEWS 



PressCoin represents a unique opportunity – both historically speaking, as well as from the vantage point it can afford.

The PressCoin ICO values the company at $250M at listing time, and if hit our numbers anywhere close to the numbers talked about a little earlier, this represents a straightforward opportunity for the discerning global investor.


PressCoin: The One Platform to Bind Them

News as Mind Control

Mind control works in subtle ways. When fed on a consistent diet of half-truths and biased facts, a populace really has no chance.

The reason that the top 1%, the richest of the richest, are buying up media companies (think News Corp, or even Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post) is that when you can control the news for millions of consumers, there’s a special power that comes from this.


PressCoin – The Ultimate Platform

In this vein, PressCoin is a new paradigm, where the new platforms are powered by the people, for the people. And even though this fundamental people-power reflects in all the platforms powered by the PressCoin protocol, in a way, PressCoin itself is a virtual platform. PressCoin, in effect, is a virtual aggregation of all the platforms that it powers, being able to run on top of the same common infrastructure that powers the entire ecosystem.

Here then, is an ode to PressCoin, from the halls of lore.

The PressCoin Platform

One platform to power them all,

One platform to find them,

One platform to bring them all,

And in the light, bind them.


The Light

PressCoin is designed to be in the middle. In-the-middle means that whether Facebook is around or not, whether there are 3 dominant social media platforms or 10 or 30, the glue in the middle is always a constant factor. This omnipresent ground on top of which to build and connect to the Internet at large, is where PressCoin is abstracts away all the shared resources and services.

And more importantly perhaps, PressCoin uses blockchain technology to create open, audit-able chains of visibility into how news was funded, sourced, edited/updated/moderated, and distributed. PressCoin platforms do not take a stance themselves, rather, they surface the “stance-metrics”, things like the meta-data above which often has a huge bearing on the context of the news.

This is the light. There is no other form of “non-biased” platforms – only a platform that isn’t just decentralized, but also transparent about the provenance of things on such platform, can hope to be the one that brings people together. On this platform, opinions across the spectrum are surfaced, along with how they got there.


PressCoin  Anonymous



In order to really understand something, one has to know multiple sides of it, all nuances of it. One can’t afford to be biased oneself, for that is itself the mental handicap that blocks real understanding. With this in mind, the PressCoin philosophy is always of the mediator, the facilitator, the middle ground. This ensures that the platform itself has no bias, it simply reflects what is put in, truthfully and with complete transparency.

This open-kimono approach, along with strong UX to help users navigate all these aspects/dimensions of various topics, this is what will bring true understanding, and will create a common ground for various parties to interact, and indeed, go from understanding to action, and beyond.


This is where investors come in, and are supporting the PressCoin ICO. You should too!

[ANN] RealNewsy – Short Takes on Real News

PressCoin is a new, alternate media ecosystem, one that comprises several companies, platforms, and projects.

One such incubator project that launched a few days back is RealNewsy.


PressCoin  Anonymous


RealNewsy is a young, energetic news service that does one thing well: gives the consumer 1-minute reads/videos to understand important things going on in the world today. 

And being decentralized, it brings in voices from all over the world.

RealNewsy is looking for talented writers to join the team – freelancers are welcome – please email if interested, we’re rapidly growing.

Don’t forget to visit RealNewsy. for your daily fix!

And also, our ICO is here.


The truth Is out there

The PressCoin Stack – How it all fits together

In many ways, PressCoin has been in the making for years.

With Runa, our recognition was the the world is a funnel, and that only data-driven optimization (which has no personal bias, the death knell for merchandising) could help solve the problems faced by online e-commerce players, in their war for customers, with the big gorilla eating their lunch – Amazon.


[Image: A PressCoin supporter in Los Angeles made this for us … neat, eh? Thank you @ryuchoun]

With all things non-trivial, it is about architecture and design. A well architected, layered, well factored system is highly flexible, resilient, and scalable.

Therefore, with PressCoin, we began with the overarching lay of the new ground, from which will sprout the fruits of our work.

Here then, is a high-level stack diagram of the PressCoin Ecosystem:


For those who’re familiar with architecture/layer diagrams, this will seem straightforward.

Here, the Cointype and CointypeX form the basis of the crypto/fiat/payments side of the world. Cointype abstracts the invisible flow of money and transactions into a set of deeply integrated APIs. Quintype, similarly abstracts away modern omni-channel digital experience capabilities, as well as a set of strong higher-level abstractions for seamless enterprise integration, analytics, AI and personalization, big data, etc. Between Cointype and Quintype, modern businesses have complete programmatic control over the intangible money flows, as well as the tangible feature flows of any product or service built on it.

The PressCoin layer further creates domain-specific abstractions that are useful by all the main platforms being built on top of it, as well as everything to come after. The PressCoin.TV layer is also a common platform to create a digital-first video production platform, as well as a large-scale collaboration workspace. Packages from here would interface with legacy cable, which would be a single-dimensional experience of the whole – an interactive, multi-screen experience, powered by the PressCoin apps and services.

The PressCoin Venture arm also behaves in this common, strategically aligned way. By scouting the world for innovative talent and technology, PressCoin is counting on disrupting itself, in a continuous process. The DNA of technology startups, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a shared vision for improving our world – this is what powers PressCoin, has gotten us this far, and will take us well over the finish line. A little bit more on these interesting projects can be found here.

Here then, is a high-level radiation chart of the PressCoin areas of focus


There is some clear minded thinking around how this works. Each yellow circle represents a specific platform, in various stages of design and development, for a specific sphere of news/public life. Each of these spaces are perfect for the blockchain economy.

For instance, take one example. Ask yourself, in the age of platforms, in the age of Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twitter, and SnapChat, and Yelp, and OpenTable, and so many platforms for so many things, in the age of such divided public opinions around political news, what is the world’s platform for elections? If one wishes to partake in their local, state, or national democratic elections process, or learn about the current state of things in any geography / election in the world, where is the platform for one to do that? Where can one engage the challengers, or connect with their incumbents? Where can one track manifestos, or rate their performances, in real-time, across issues, across geographical boundaries, across all the dimensions of measurement we apply and should apply to our political system?

We looked, and couldn’t find one, and so NextElection is building one. They’re releasing something shortly, so we’re excited!

Answering questions like the one above, where is the platform for… gives you a pretty good idea of the ones that are in the pipeline.

As another example, if one were to ask, with all these platforms out there, with so much chatter about politics and nationalism and all that, where is the News Platform for the World? Where does one go to have civil discourse on news and events and analysis, to see larger connections, to collaborate with others, not to win wars of words, but to move things forward in constructive ways? We couldn’t find any such platform, so PressCoin is building one called Insurge Intelligence, we’ll have more to say about it very shortly, a beta experiment is being planned as we speak.

PressCoin Gandhi

The Platform for News Media Platforms

PressCoin is very meta. But only a huge step back, and bold vision, backed by the smarts and the technology can manifest this. Support our ICO here.

So that’s our high level look at how we’ve laid out the land, each platform being a world within the PressCoin Universe, all on the same invisible rails, digital and financial, and many other shared services.

PressCoin Ventures Accelerator

At PressCoin, we have a clear path towards a new news media ecosystem, not built on pure-play content, but complemented by news/content.

After all, news, and breaking news in particular, isn’t that interesting. Wire services break news too, and that’s not what we really “consume”.

A good news service often offers their readers an important service – breaking it down in terms of how something that’s happened affects them. This (hopefully) leads to an informed public, which then leads to an informed society. Peace, prosperity, and progress – all three are possible – if the society underneath is stable and no one is being quite left out.

And we also know that we don’t have all the answers, no one does.


Lady Liberty


Therefore, a good portion of the PressCoin raise is dedicated to fostering innovation from global news/tech startups.


2018 PressCoin Ventures batch

Here are some important projects that will likely be part of the 2018 cohort of PressCoin Ventures: 


Kumogado – Personal cloud guardian for activists, journalists, et al

NewzChain – High-Speed News Aggregation on the Blockchain

AwakeParty – Platform for Political Action Networks

RealNewsy – Short takes on Real News and Issues

SuffChain – Universal Suffrage on the Blockchain

More cool projects are sure to appear, stay tuned!


Dr Who


Know a project/team that we should speak with?

Let us know – email us at

And support our ICO here.

What is PressCoin, really?

PressCoin is a very large, ambitious project that requires a fundamentally new approach to solving the troubles of the news/media industry. Ad-revenues have dried up, and Facebook/Google/etc are dominating the landscape. We’re all in trouble. PressCoin is a bold solution stream.

This article talks about what PressCoin is at a high level, and how it might work. Oh, and you can participate in the PressCoin ICO here


Total Economic Value – The New Digital News Media Fiat+Crypto Economy 

PressCoin is different from most ICOs. The value of PressCoin isn’t a single platform or revenue stream. PressCoin is a protocol, shared infrastructure and services, reference implementations, and an open developer ecosystem coupled with a startup accelerator program.


 PressCoin  Full Page  Voting


Here are the foundations, so to speak, upon which PressCoin is envisioned and is being built.


Shared Design Philosophy

Real simple: Open Collaboration, Partnership, and Decentralization over competition and dominance.


Shared Technology Infrastructure

Seamless media technology cloud, underlying big-data systems, advanced APIs for engagement and analytics, and an omni-channel CMS platform for deploying digital experiences across social, email, chatbots, messengers, devices, platforms, web, mobile, push notifications, and all other digital audience channels.


PressCoin  Anonymous


Shared Business Services

Consumer Data Intelligence, Monetization, Enterprise Sales, Ecosystem Partnerships, Strategic Relations


Shared Developer Network

A common AWS-like set of components, built in an API-driven manner, create an ecosystem of Lego blocks. This fertile playground for agile experiments in the news/media/journalism sphere to be accelerated at much lower cost, while increasing innovation and value. 



Shared Fiat/Crypto Financial Services

Built on top of the Swiss-bank backed crypto/fiat trading platform CointypeX, the PressCoin Payment Services, Wallets, and API systems make it simple to create entirely seamless experiences for end users. This extends the reach of PressCoin, transparently, as fiat money, anywhere in the world, in real-time.

More complex financial services are also built in, and provided as APIs to developers. For instance, offering micro-credit or a loan to a customer or a vendor … these kinds of use cases are now simple. A complete derivatives platform also offers more complex instruments to be created, further creating a strong liquidity and thus a strong financial foundation for the PressCoin economy.


Shared Reference Implementations

New media platforms aren’t only about writing and content. It’s about collaboration and action, with a mix of news and discussions. Around specific things and purposes. After all, for “general purpose” platforms, look no further than Facebook. Of course, when there is no specific purpose, there’s often no purpose at al… 

So what does it mean to create purposeful, activity-oriented platforms for the future of news media? Here are a few that are already various stages of design, development, and testing:

NextElection – Town hall for politicians, journalists, & citizens

InsurgeIntelligence – Investigative reporting and analysis

ChickenSoupNews – Positive Solutions Journalism

Zolori – Local News, Local Events, Local Businesses

Mojonomy – Citizen Mobile Journalism Economy

In subsequent posts, we’ll start talking a lot more about some of these.

New potential partners from around the world have also started reaching out, and we should be announcing some new flagship platforms shortly. Examples include one that applies PressCoin to the financial news and advice space, and one that applies PressCoin to the fragmented/broken PR industry.


Real News is Freedom


Shared Television Platform

PressCoin.TV – digital first programming.

The PressCoin.TV platform will create a multi-channel video experience, including top aggregated and curated content from across all platforms.

Thanks to decentralized production, the system will allow multi-lingual, multiple geographies. Cable partnerships will provide reach to masses where TV is still a primary means of news/information consumption. 

Shared Venture Arm

Innovation is vital to all industries, but clearly, the media industry is a clear example of how innovation didn’t happen. The PressCoin ICO reserves 25% of funds raised to be used by an investor arm that is looking across the industry for gaps and new innovations. We’ll also be announcing a few very interesting projects that we’re working to bring into the PressCoin world.

Shared Partner / Advisor / Investor Network

The very nature of the project involves large scale collaboration and managing the moving parts. This affords the opportunity to bring a large number of innovators, influencers, and investors together, and provide access to the entire ecosystem.


Total Economic Value

So this is PressCoin. How does one regard it? Only with a glint in the eye.

In the meantime, support us by joining the ICO.

Why the PressCoin ICO token is investor-friendly

Why the PressCoin tokens are more investor-friendly than most


Because they’re equity-tokens that even offer dividends, apart from also being utility tokens that have a trading value.

Liberty is worth Preserving


The Longer Answer

Most token sales, or ICOs as they’re known, offer utility tokens.

Utility tokens function as currency, no different than the US dollar, or the Euro, or any other currency – the difference being that they’re digital, limited in number, and cryptographically secure. Other than these (albeit useful) things, there is really no difference between these and regular currencies.

And as an investment, when comparing cryptocurrencies, these properties don’t really have much bearing. The current ICO investment thesis seems to be that these tokens will find the right nominal value, that represents the economic value all the transactions conducted in that currency. This is a measure of the success of the business, thereby proving the model. And this value is set by the best arbiter of prices – a marketplace – or the exchange where the token is traded.This is the investment theses – the utility token thesis.

We disagree. Currencies are fungible. You can exchange one for the other. Therefore, no currency has any intrinsic value of their own, unless they’re asset-backed.


Asset-backed currencies 

So, where is the missing asset in these utility-tokens? The answer is that just like there aren’t any gold-backed “regular” currencies today, most ICOs are actually offering fiat currencies, albeit as crypto tokens.

An equity-backed token, on the other hand is, is actually backed by something, and in this case, each token is linked to an equity share in the company issuing the tokens. In this manner, an equity token represents the revenues and IP and assets etc of the company. In some ways, equity tokens vs utility tokens could be thought of as comparing AAPL stock vs a new “AppleCoin” if the company releases such a thing. The former is a part of the company, the latter is just a token used for buying/selling. Both have value – which would you prefer?


PressCoin Tokens

PressCoin tokens are investor friendly, because:

1. The company has chosen to self-regulate as much as possible, registering itself as PressCoin PLC, a UK-based public limited company. This means shareholders get financial transparency, annual reports, shareholder rights etc.

2. PressCoin smart contracts link each token to a share in the company. Thereby each token essentially behaves like a stock of the company.

3. PressCoin tokens offer dividends

There are nearly no other ICOs in the market that offer such, what we consider, far more equitable tokens than all the tokens out in the market today. After all, that is the very ethos of decentralization – to be community-driven, and all ICOs should aim to reward all investors handsomely, and there is no better way to do it than through equity-based instruments.

How PressCoin relates to Civil or Steemit or WikiTribune

PressCoin aims to change the state of the public sphere with a range of interconnected platforms, built on blockchain, powered by the coin. Our ICO is next week.

This article talks about a couple of other notable attempts at fixing our state of news and journalism, and how they might relate to PressCoin. And before we begin, we at PressCoin unequivocally support all such initiatives that are trying to fix the world of new/journalism for everyone.

Let us begin by taking a look at Civil, then we’ll look at the other two, before looking into the unique aspects of PressCoin.

Real News is Freedom

Medium vs. Civil

Here’s how Wikipedia describes Medium – I tend of agree more or less, you can decide for yourself:

Medium is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams, and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation.The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regularly regarded as a blog host.”

So, what is Civil? It is essentially a blockchain-based decentralized version of Medium. Which, while it is well and good, isn’t a complete solution to the media industry’s revenue woes. Civil is suitable for the similar use cases as Medium is – that of an independent writer or organization that needs a hosted blog-like platform on which to share content. Some services, such as premium content and subscriptions, are not nearly enough to sustain the more enterprise needs of news organizations, for instance. In other words, Civil is also mostly a consumer product, bordering on the prosumer. It definitely has a space though, and we’re big fans.

Now let’s take a quick look at Steemit, before turning our attention to WikiTribune.


Facebook vs. Steemit

We all know Facebook, don’t we! Facebook runs the mother of all content aggregation businesses. In the guise of connecting everyone, and with its 2B+ users it certainly has, Facebook has monetized content created by others, ever since it launched the news feed. 

So… what’s Steemit? Think decentralizing the Facebook model, and creating an alternate, blockchain-based Facebook. Everyone benefits. Except, for a couple of things. It doesn’t solve the media industry revenue problems, since content from existing content producers is still getting shared on Steemit. And it has a very big catch-22 problem – Facebook is Facebook because everyone is on it. There have been many attempts at creating alternatives to Facebook, but if the platform is essentially a replacement, it usually remains a relative ghost town… as everyone waits for the other to get on first. And again, it definitely focuses on the individual consumer, or the prosumer content creator. Not an enterprise solution, nor is it meant to be.

Still, a new social network that pays you to create content, and pays people to interact, and is an alternative to Facebook, we’re supportive!


#FakeNews Media vs WikiTribune

Wikitribune is basically a digital newspaper running of donations, along with a Wikipedia-like army of volunteers. Definitely a newspaper I’d read, in particular when events are breaking, and you need a balanced, verified view of the goings on. Hence their focus on verified recordings, etc.

So Wikitribune is definitely a great attempt at one aspect of the journalism industry – breaking news – particularly when we live in a world where having an unbiased view of events as they unfold can sometimes be critical. It definitely gives any major news service that plays in the breaking-news category, a solid run for their money. And as a new by-the-people-for-the-people resource within the broader journalistic and news media ecosystem, it is an addition that we wholeheartedly support!


So what is PressCoin?

Before we answer this question, it is important to take note of a couple of things. First – we now know what Civil and Steemit really are. And two – that in order to understand PressCoin, one only needs to understand the set of PressCoin platforms already under development. But first, we’ll understand the approach, the philosophy, and most importantly, the design of PressCoin, and how it creates a completely new news media universe. All this in What is PressCoin, Really. Stay tuned.

And you can support PressCoin by joining the token-sale here.