Facebook Will Rule The World In 10 Years – Unless We Stop It

Very occasionally a moment arises when the actions of a small organized group of people can achieve significant important change. Today you are invited to be part of one of those moments.

This page is being used to coordinate a social media response to the PressCoin powered INSURGE Intelligence investigation into the potential for Facebook to be used by national governments and other actors to interfere with elections all over the world.

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Sometimes News Requires Public Action – This Is One Of Those Moments

In paragraph 5 of his investigation, INSURGE Founder and Editor Nafeez Ahmed calls for a public movement to act now to prevent Facebook from achieving a position of total “information domination” in public discourse.

“This story is a call to action. A call on citizens, technologists, philanthropists, journalists and beyond to take action to disrupt our current path to a dystopian, monocultural future.”

If Facebook achieves its goal of connecting almost everyone in the world it will become too useful for governments to consider regulating, a prospect that could fatally undermine democracy.


1. Please Share This Story About Facebook & Other Social Media

One of the most effective methods through which dominant media can tip the scales on matters of great importance, is to simply ignore them.

This is where we need your help to change the news script. And what we want you to do, dear readers, is really simple.

We simply want you to share the INSURGE “Facebook Will Rule The World in 10 Years” article on Facebook. And then if one of your friends shares it too, we want you to like their post and comment on it and spark a discussion. Hopefully if this story gets sufficient traction it will become impossible for the rest of the media – and then Facebook itself – to simply ignore it.

The easiest way to do this is to click on the share links on the INSURGE Intelligence story page while you are logged in to Facebook or Twitter.


Altenatively you can compose a post of your own alongside the link https://www.insurgeintelligence.com/deep-state/2017/12/23/facebook-a-danger-to-democracy – our use one of our prepared: >> texts << and/or >> shareable images <<

If enough of us do this then we hope to reach millions with this story all over the world.

In the journalism world we call this activity shining light into dark places.

2. Talk about these issues with your friends. Let them know what is happening, and encourage them to read the article.

It is really important that we do not confine important discussions like this to Facebook, partly because Facebook’s vulnerability to misuse isn’t a left/right partisan issue – its a purely self-interested profit driven reality. Facebook is simply selling its soul to the highest bidder. And in the current world the highest bidder will always be Governments, because they also carry the power to regulate or not to regulate.

This is a technology dynamic that threatens to make all of us powerless, regardless of where we sit on the political spectrum.

And without an intervention there is an inevitability to the trajectory that Facebook is presently on, it will enable those with money and power and data to rule the world through Facebook, making themselves and Facebook fabulously wealthy, and turning the rest of us into bystanders.

Sample Texts For Your Status Update

Members of the PressCoin Participation Board on INSURGE Intelligence’s launch Scoop.

“In one of the most, if not THE most important stories of 2017, INSURGE Intelligence pulls back the curtain on Facebook to show, unequivocally, the dire threat this social manipulation tool is. The implications of this investigation, which are rightly shocking and terrifying, are backed by exclusive interviews, and research that connects all the dots. This is a must read for everything using the internet to get their news.” – Freelance Journalist Dahr Jamail (Truthout.org) https://www.insurgeintelligence.com/deep-state/2017/12/23/facebook-a-danger-to-democracy

“The danger posed to the integrity of democratic processes by concentrated media power are laid bare in this investigation into Facebook from Nafeez Ahmed. What INSURGE has revealed chills my bones. With this much evidence in the public domain, I have little doubt the full story of Facebook’s vulnerability to state misuse and bad actors is just beginning to be told. But with the vast majority of global media on its knees, or in the hands of billionaire political adventurers, who will front up to the responsibility to address this threat to the future of humanity?” – Scoop Independent News Founder Alastair Thompson (Scoop.co.nz) https://www.insurgeintelligence.com/deep-state/2017/12/23/facebook-a-danger-to-democracy

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& finally a note about PressCoin & the PressCoin ICO

This Is Why Independent Journalism like INSURGE Intelligence Is Needed

Nafeez’s Facebook investigation is a perfect example of why fearless Independent Journalism such as this report published in PressCoin’s flagship publication – launched on 29th December 2017 and powered by PressCoin – is so important.

When the world wide web was invented by Tim Berner’s Lee in the early 1990s, it looked as if it would be a place where freedom of expression could flouris, a place where democracy and plurality would flourish. But now, 25 years later, Facebook’s thirst for profits, and the natural instincts of political leaders to to grasp at whatever levers will give them greater power, threaten to turn the internet into the most effective instrument of repression ever created.

To take just one small example from Nafeez Ahmed’s report.

Facebook is even sanitizing horrendous crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and acts of genocide in Myanmar (Burma), by massively deleting posts by Rohingya activists documenting the violence against their men, women and children.

But Facebook denied operating in effective alliance with such repressive and autocratic states: “We evaluate reports based on our Community Standards. We also publish country-level information in our Transparency Report about content restrictions based on violations of local law.”

And yes, Facebook’s transparency page for Myanmar indeed shows no active alliance with the autocratic Govt. of Myanmar. But Facebook’s response is pure doublespeak, saying one thing but meaning something completely different.

Facebook doesn’t need to conspire with Govt’s to do their bidding. All it need do is look the other way.

Facebook’s largely automated moderation tools are very easy to game, maybe deliberately so. Teams of Govt. censors in Myanmar, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, the Philippines or any other teetering democratic state merely need to make allegations of breaches of community standards to allow censorship of Facebook’s feed by stealth. That this is happening all over the world is no longer in in any doubt.

But equally insidious is the flood of propaganda and misinformation on the platform, when it happened during the U.S. election it was highly profitable for Facebook, they had their best ever quarterly jump in revenue in the final quarter of 2016, a quarter on quarter jump of $1.8Bn.

The Rohingya people of Myanmar are amongst the most powerless people in the world. And their wholesale murder is being supported by Facebook’s spectacularly profitable blindness.

Facebook’s investors are betting on this progression continuing…. but what will that mean for democracy?

But It’s Not Just The Developing World That Is Threatened

In developed nations the manipulation of electors, and through them society by Facebook, which was revealed so incandescently during the 2016 Presidential election isn’t as immediately life threatening. But this process of selling the means to pollute public discourse to the highest bidder – through technology that manipulates and divides us, without us even noticing – has just begun.

And this is a large part of the reason why we the founders of PressCoin, a group of independent technologists and journalists, launched PressCoin.

PressCoin is needed because most of the news media, whose role it is to defend us from these abominations, have in fact already surrendered to them. Much of the media is now completely dependent on Facebook as their distribution medium. In fact news publishers pay Facebook millions to carry their news-links to you the public – and they are as powerless as you, or indeed all of us, to know whether this is being done fairly.

Facebook is already too big to regulate.

So let us watch and report on the media’s response to this report on Facebook’s vulnerability. Perhaps if enough of us take action and demand a political response and then through our politicians a response from Facebook – we can slow this down.

But we should not stop there. in truth – any future that allows a single media company to as a black box provide a communications platform for all the people of the world – will always be a nightmare waiting to come to life.

And that is why we have to build alternatives. And PressCoin is – at the moment – we think, the best chance of something significant happening to give Facebook pause to think, as well as the best chance of building an alternative, an example of a strong community of news publishers and readers to serve as an example to the wider media industry of the fact that there is an alternative to living on their knees and lining Facebook’s pockets as they, perhaps unwittingly, destroy democracy and hope.

If you are interested in finding out more about PressCoin CLICK HERE.


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