NextElection is coming!

PressCoin is excited to announce the alpha launch of NextElection – a Digital Town Hall for Politicians, Journalists, and Citizens. It will create a collaborative space for all of us to engage around local/state/national elections in any part of the world. The platform is moderated, so is expected to be free from trolling, etc, and is being designed as a space for like-minded netizens to find commonality, understanding, and civil discourse. It will also be a good place to start/join political action networks.

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As a launch feature, try starting a new Conversation – you pick a political/news article that you think deserves conversation, and ask a specific, structured poll-based question around it. Share it. See what people say – and view the results by gender, age, location, and across other axes. Start your own conversation – here’s one I started –

You can also imagine all the utility use-cases for the PressCoin cryptocurrency here – for instance, it will soon cost a tiny amount of NEWS to create/answer/engage with Conversations… please ping us on @realPressCoin to suggest more ideas and give us feedback! NextElection is also here @NextElections.

Check it out today! And here’s the PressCoin cryptocurrency ICO page – buy some NEWS tokens today!

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