PressCoin, Cryptocurrencies, and The Triangle of Liberty

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and blockchain and decentralization… so many words, so much change! As the rising price of Bitcoin takes the world by storm, a lot of folks are breathlessly talking about the potential for freedom from governments and so on…

We believe this is all just so much rhetoric. To actually understand liberty, one has to understand what it means.

Democracy and Cryptocurrency

There’s a lot of conversation about democracy and liberty, particularly in the context of cryptocurrency. Why is this? Is it really possible that digitization of money will have such a consequence? The reality is, government control or not (and we do need government!), there is more to Liberty.

Here are the required conditions for Liberty: Knowledge, Wealth, and Freedom. They form what I call the Triangle of Liberty.


Most folks, when asked if they are free, point to the fact that their country has a democratic process for elections, and they assume this means that they are free.

However, political freedom is only one part of Liberty, and indeed there are many kinds of freedoms. In order to exercise those freedoms, however, one needs to have clarity about things, and true knowledge about the world. There is a reason why they say knowledge is power, or in the post-Facebook age, that data is the new oil. Still, Freedom is one side of the Triangle of Liberty.

So the other aspect of being able to exercise freedom is to have all the necessary knowledge to know that to really do. And not be manipulated into doing things, for there is no freedom in that. So Knowledge is one of the sides of the triangle of Liberty, as much as Freedom.

And money is the energy or the power to do the things one wants to do. When this activity also benefits others, true Wealth is created in this process, and this enables more even energy (money) to flow. Without this energy or money, freedom is not exercisable very much. So Wealth forms the third side of the Triangle of Liberty.

What does cryptocurrency have to do with all this?

Cryptocurrencies are just the new medium of money. They can be of different types – fiat and asset-backed. But cryptocurrencies are just currencies.

With this insight, hopefully it is clear that in order for true Liberty, one needs basic freedoms, and wealth, and knowledge.

And Knowledge is where PressCoin comes in. It also helps create Wealth in that process.

Knowledge and Freedom

In the age of Facebook and Twitter and Google and so many platforms around the world, where is the platform for Knowledge? Where does one go to Understand this world, and to engage in that process in a constructive way?

Lady Liberty

PressCoin is manifesting multiple platforms and companies that answer this question, all within a whole new decentralized federated news media economy. These are platforms where one goes for engaging in specific ways … an example is NextElection. And because these decentralized platforms are really marketplaces in the end, marketplaces for value, each in its own way, they create the opportunity for participative wealth creation for everyone.

PressCoin is quality, reputation-based decentralized media at work.

Imagine an Independent News Media Ecosystem

Personalized. Federated. Decentralized. Controlled by You.

PressCoin is new digital ground and structural foundations on which to build a new crypto-powered decentralized universe – interconnected platforms of moderated sanity and purpose – for elections, for news, for citizen reporting, and other important ares of the public sphere.

Support the PressCoin cryptocurrency ICO here.

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