PressCoin: The One Platform to Bind Them

News as Mind Control

Mind control works in subtle ways. When fed on a consistent diet of half-truths and biased facts, a populace really has no chance.

The reason that the top 1%, the richest of the richest, are buying up media companies (think News Corp, or even Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post) is that when you can control the news for millions of consumers, there’s a special power that comes from this.


PressCoin – The Ultimate Platform

In this vein, PressCoin is a new paradigm, where the new platforms are powered by the people, for the people. And even though this fundamental people-power reflects in all the platforms powered by the PressCoin protocol, in a way, PressCoin itself is a virtual platform. PressCoin, in effect, is a virtual aggregation of all the platforms that it powers, being able to run on top of the same common infrastructure that powers the entire ecosystem.

Here then, is an ode to PressCoin, from the halls of lore.

The PressCoin Platform

One platform to power them all,

One platform to find them,

One platform to bring them all,

And in the Light, bind them.

The Light

PressCoin is designed to be in the middle. In-the-middle means that whether Facebook is around or not, whether there are 3 dominant social media platforms or 10 or 30, the glue in the middle is always a constant factor. This omnipresent ground on top of which to build and connect to the Internet at large, is where PressCoin is abstracts away all the shared resources and services.

And more importantly perhaps, PressCoin uses blockchain technology to create open, audit-able chains of visibility into how news was funded, sourced, edited/updated/moderated, and distributed. PressCoin platforms do not take a stance themselves, rather, they surface the “stance-metrics”, things like the meta-data above which often has a huge bearing on the context of the news.

This is the light. There is no other form of “non-biased” platforms – only a platform that isn’t just decentralized, but also transparent about the provenance of things on such platform, can hope to be the one that brings people together. On this platform, opinions across the spectrum are surfaced, along with how they got there.

PressCoin Anonymous


In order to really understand something, one has to know multiple sides of it, all nuances of it. One can’t afford to be biased oneself, for that is itself the mental handicap that blocks real understanding. With this in mind, the PressCoin philosophy is always of the mediator, the facilitator, the middle ground. This ensures that the platform itself has no bias, it simply reflects what is put in, truthfully and with complete transparency.

This open-kimono approach, along with strong UX to help users navigate all these aspects/dimensions of various topics, this is what will bring true understanding, and will create a common ground for various parties to interact, and indeed, go from understanding to action, and beyond.

Token Buyers

This is where token buyers come in, and are supporting the PressCoin ICO. You should too!

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