PressCoin is the Cryptocurrency Foundation for a Decentralized Federated News Media

To say that the news media industry has been bleeding heavily these past few years is an understatement. Journalism as a profession is simply dying out … the economics of the old model have become obsolete in a spectacularly short amount of time, leaving not just newsrooms reeling, but our world itself.

Many attempts have been made to address this crisis… PressCoin is different. For the first time, this is a truly holistic, end-to-end response to the problem faced by our planet. Bold, ambitious, but the world needs it. So how would it all work?

Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean

Here’s how Wikipedia defines Red Ocean Strategy:

Red oceans represent all the industries in existence today – the known market space. In the red oceans, industry boundaries are defined and accepted, and the competitive rules of the game are known. Here companies try to outperform their rivals to grab a greater share of product or service demand. As the market space gets crowded, prospects for profits and growth are reduced. Products become commodities or niche, and cutthroat competition turns the ocean bloody; hence, the term “red oceans”.

Making your competition irrelevant with blue ocean strategy

And here’s the Blue Ocean Strategy:

Companies can succeed by creating “blue oceans” of uncontested market space, as opposed to “red oceans” where competitors fight for dominance, the analogy being that an ocean full of vicious competition turns red with blood  … these strategic moves create a leap in value for the company, its buyers, and its employees while unlocking new demand and making the competition irrelevant.

PressCoin is very much a Blue Ocean strategy. PressCoin is not interested in fixing the whole Internet at once. No one can solve “fake news” – it has existed for time immemorial. Misinformation and disinformation have been around since the beginning of politics. Therefore in order to solve for “real news” – we must simply side-step the issue of “fake news” altogether, an simply create new worlds that bring together people around specific topics and actions. For instance, NextElection is a platform, a new digital town hall for politicians, journalists, and citizens. It creates an end-to-end experience for people to participate actively in the democratic process – bringing together relevant news, issues, people, and ratings – all around specific elections around the world – local, state, and national.

In order to create these new purposeful platforms, and in order to have them succeed, one needs to understand the state of the Internet today.

The Modern Internet

There was a time when the Internet was flat, open, and decentralized. Today, that isn’t the case, and it hasn’t been that way for the past several. Platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, et al (and there are similar platforms in China, and other parts of the world), have essentially become the Internet. In a survey conducted a couple years back, a large percentage of the population reported not having ever accessed the Internet, but were avid Facebook users on their phones (it came pre-installed!). The point is, for large parts of the world, Facebook is the Internet. And this applies to other platforms as well.

This isn’t a blame game, by the way, as we believe there is no Facebook without all of us. We are Facebook, just as we are The People, or The Internet.

So in order to navigate the new Internet, one has to navigate the social platforms, and the devices, and services that keep popping up, and where all the audiences hang out.

The Missing Internet

With all these platforms, however, in fact, in the age of Facebook and Google and Twitter and a platform for everything, what is the platform for Understanding News? Or to engage in the elections process? Or for true citizen journalism? We have noisy platforms where you can yell and scream and scorn and degrade each other – but there are few platforms for civil discourse and moderated engagement.

This is the missing Internet – only visible in some forms – perhaps Wikipedia or Quora or Reddit – these have some form of sanity, varying degrees of transparency, and some form of a reputation score. Still, these are good steps towards saner platforms for the Internet.


Islands of Sanity

When we say “news”, what is it that we mean? When surveys report that a majority of people are getting their news from Facebook, what does that mean?

Instead of engaging in the insanity that is ideological war on the Internet, PressCoin chooses to build islands of sane and purposeful activity, each addressing a specific aspect of the news/public sphere. Each also answers the questions raised above – each is a missing platform for the modern, post-Facebook Internet.

Here are a couple that we’re already talking about…


 Insurge Intelligence

Insurge is a new platform that is building ways for people to not just read/consume news, but actually understand the news, and to engage with others around action networks, in order to constructively improve things. This is important because while data and information has been “organized” us by the platforms, it has not led to more understanding of all this information. Somehow, we have managed to disagree with each other vehemently, despite all this progress we have been unable to even find basic common ground. So Insurge is a platform that lets you find this common understanding and a common ground on which to engage with others in constructive action networks around the world.


How the knowledge model works, and how the transparency works, is something to explore here. It is a beta launch, so things are just starting to get off the ground!


NextElection is a new digital town hall that brings together politicians, journalists, and citizens, around elections – local/state/national – in countries around the world. A sane, moderated platform to discuss relevant issues, relevant politicos both incumbents and challengers, all in the context of specific upcoming races and campaigns.


NextElection has launched an interesting Conversations feature that encourage users to create structured, poll-driven discussions around political news/events. Try it out here!


Many more platforms are in the works, and partners and new ideas are popping up in conversations all the time. PressCoin is really a complete rethink of how to approach the monetization woes of a beleaguered industry, and this completely fresh approach eschews “how things were done” or any ideas of what “news” is today – since this is no longer defined satisfactorily. So expect several more products, platforms, and services to emerge from the PressCoin Universe as the months and years roll by!


The Federation

So what is PressCoin really? This question has been answered here.

These platforms are really only the beginning. If the PressCoin ecosystem is considered analogous to Apple’s App economy, then each platform that plugs into the PressCoin “ether”, is like an App that plugs into the Apple ether. Each app/platform does what it does best, creates a community of users/partners and creates a virtual space for something to happen, some exchange to take place.

Each PressCoin platform/partner then is like an app. And together, they power the whole ecosystem. So that’s the federation, the new media ecosystem that really is all of us, together – on a common technology, data, and financial backbone. The sum of the parts is always greater than the whole.

PressCoin comes batteries included, join the federation today!


PressCoin News delivers content and information and engagement from all of PressCoin platforms and partners in a single beautiful integrated experience. It would function in a similar manner as Apple News, along with having the ability to leap off naturally from any post into a more native experience driven by the specific platform. For instance, a post from the NextElection universe would have native interactive capabilities, along with a bridge that lets users seamless go from News to NextElection and back.


So that’s the landscape – more here and here. And don’t forget to check out the ICO, now is a great time to buy some NEWS tokens!

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