PressCoin’s Exciting Crypto-Economy To Safeguard A Free World – Part 1 of 3

[Editor’s Note: This is the first email of three sent to PressCoin’s thousands of subscribers over this, the penultimate weekend of the PressCoin ICO. The series of three emails updated prospective investors in the NEWS token sale on the big picture for PressCoin as we enter 2018, the year that cryptocurrencies are expected to mature.]

Dear PressCoin Subscriber,

PressCoin is a cryptocurrency project to address a wicked problem: the two decade long failure of the news industry to transition into a workable digital business model.

PressCoin is building new global markets, which trade in the NEWS currency, to service a crypto-powered news industry retrofitted with a raft of new revenue models. To accelerate this transformation, we will provide news companies with fit-for-purpose, omni-channel, state-of-the-art cloud based publishing solutions.

This forms the first version of what we call the PressCoin Operating System, and once assembled it will provide a boost of technological and financial infrastructure to an industry which is experiencing acute digital disruption. Along the way we hope to begin to heal the damage the failure of the fourth estate is doing to democratic institutions.

NEWS tokens is an opportunity to purchase a new global currency in its earliest stages, whilst supporting solutions for a critically important part of the world’s constitutional system. You can read more on PressCoin‘s plans to fix the news business in this new Coin Telegraph article, published today.

– Coin Telegraph, 12 Jan. 2018

PressCoin has assembled a crack team of journalists, developers and publishers, and is supported by two significant existing technology companies – Quintype and Cointype. These two companies bring experience, expertise and technology from the publishing and blockchain/crypto-finance industries respectively.

This is a busy month for us!  In a few days, we’re rolling out a series of new platforms and announcing new revenue models for publishers. We’re also listing the NEWS token starting with CointypeX, stay tuned for updates!

The new platforms and services will demonstrate an entirely new path for news companies, many of which are presently trying to survive on the crumbs from the tables of the platform giants.

Our markets and engagement products will make use  of the trust building properties of blockchain, and will empower publishers, readers, and content creators to build a new virtuous cycle of wealth creation inside a decentralized global network.

If you haven’t yet purchased, please come visit the PressCoin website today. Have a look around and find out more about our plans.

And if you like what you see, this is a good time to buy NEWS tokens. PressCoin is an ambitious plan and it needs real investment.

To be continued…

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