PressCoin: The One Platform to Bind Them

News as Mind Control

Mind control works in subtle ways. When fed on a consistent diet of half-truths and biased facts, a populace really has no chance.

The reason that the top 1%, the richest of the richest, are buying up media companies (think News Corp, or even Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post) is that when you can control the news for millions of consumers, there’s a special power that comes from this.


PressCoin – The Ultimate Platform

In this vein, PressCoin is a new paradigm, where the new platforms are powered by the people, for the people. And even though this fundamental people-power reflects in all the platforms powered by the PressCoin protocol, in a way, PressCoin itself is a virtual platform. PressCoin, in effect, is a virtual aggregation of all the platforms that it powers, being able to run on top of the same common infrastructure that powers the entire ecosystem.

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[ANN] RealNewsy – Short Takes on Real News

PressCoin is a new, alternate media ecosystem, one that comprises several companies, platforms, and projects.

One such incubator project that launched a few days back is RealNewsy.

PressCoin Anonymous

RealNewsy is a young, energetic news service that does one thing well: gives the consumer 1-minute reads/videos to understand important things going on in the world today.

And being decentralized, it brings in voices from all over the world.

RealNewsy is looking for talented writers to join the team – freelancers are welcome – please email if interested, we’re rapidly growing.

Don’t forget to visit RealNewsy. for your daily fix!

And also, our ICO is here.

The truth Is out there

The PressCoin Stack – How it all fits together

In many ways, PressCoin has been in the making for years.

With Runa, our recognition was the the world is a funnel, and that only data-driven optimization (which has no personal bias, the death knell for merchandising) could help solve the problems faced by online e-commerce players, in their war for customers, with the big gorilla eating their lunch – Amazon.

Fan NEWS TOKEN [Image: A PressCoin supporter in Los Angeles made this for us … neat, eh? Thank you @ryuchoun]

With all things non-trivial, it is about architecture and design. A well architected, layered, well factored system is highly flexible, resilient, and scalable.

Therefore, with PressCoin, we began with the overarching lay of the new ground, from which will sprout the fruits of our work.

Here then, is a high-level stack diagram of the PressCoin Ecosystem:

Presscoin stack 001

For those who’re familiar with architecture/layer diagrams, this will seem straightforward.

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PressCoin Ventures Accelerator

At PressCoin, we have a clear path towards a new news media ecosystem, not built on pure-play content, but complemented by news/content.(Crypto currency)

After all, news, and breaking news in particular, isn’t that interesting. Wire services break news too, and that’s not what we really “consume”.

A good news service often offers their readers an important service – breaking it down in terms of how something that’s happened affects them. This (hopefully) leads to an informed public, which then leads to an informed society. Peace, prosperity, and progress – all three are possible – if the society underneath is stable and no one is being quite left out.

And we also know that we don’t have all the answers, no one does.

Lady Liberty

Therefore, a good portion of the PressCoin raise is dedicated to fostering innovation from global news/tech startups.

2018 PressCoin Ventures batch

Here are some important projects that will likely be part of the 2018 cohort of PressCoin Ventures:

Kumogado – Personal cloud guardian for activists, journalists, et al

NewzChain – High-Speed News Aggregation on the Blockchain

AwakeParty – Platform for Political Action Networks

RealNewsy – Short takes on Real News and Issues

SuffChain – Universal Suffrage on the Blockchain

More cool projects are sure to appear, stay tuned!

Dr Who

Know a project/team that we should speak with?

Let us know – email us at

And support our ICO here.

What is PressCoin, really?

PressCoin is a very large, ambitious project that requires a fundamentally new approach to solving the troubles of the news/media industry. Ad-revenues have dried up, and Facebook/Google/etc are dominating the landscape. We’re all in trouble. PressCoin is a bold solution stream.

This article talks about what PressCoin is at a high level, and how it might work. Oh, and you can participate in the PressCoin ICO here.

Total Economic Value – The New Digital News Media Fiat+Crypto Economy

PressCoin is different from most ICOs. The value of PressCoin isn’t a single platform or revenue stream. PressCoin is a protocol, shared infrastructure and services, reference implementations, and an open developer ecosystem coupled with a startup accelerator program.

PressCoin Full Page Voting

Here are the foundations, so to speak, upon which PressCoin is envisioned and is being built.

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How PressCoin relates to Civil or Steemit or WikiTribune

PressCoin aims to change the state of the public sphere with a range of interconnected platforms, built on blockchain, powered by the coin. Our ICO is next week.

This article talks about a couple of other notable attempts at fixing our state of news and journalism, and how they might relate to PressCoin. And before we begin, we at PressCoin unequivocally support all such initiatives that are trying to fix the world of new/journalism for everyone.

Let us begin by taking a look at Civil, then we’ll look at the other two, before looking into the unique aspects of PressCoin.

Real News is Freedom

Medium vs. Civil

Here’s how Wikipedia describes Medium – I tend of agree more or less, you can decide for yourself:

Medium is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams, and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation.The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regularly regarded as a blog host.”

So, what is Civil? It is essentially a blockchain-based decentralized version of Medium. Which, while it is well and good, isn’t a complete solution to the media industry’s revenue woes. Civil is suitable for the similar use cases as Medium is – that of an independent writer or organization that needs a hosted blog-like platform on which to share content. Some services, such as premium content and subscriptions, are not nearly enough to sustain the more enterprise needs of news organizations, for instance. In other words, Civil is also mostly a consumer product, bordering on the prosumer. It definitely has a space though, and we’re big fans.

Now let’s take a quick look at Steemit, before turning our attention to WikiTribune.

Facebook vs. Steemit

We all know Facebook, don’t we! Facebook runs the mother of all content aggregation businesses. In the guise of connecting everyone, and with its 2B+ users it certainly has, Facebook has monetized content created by others, ever since it launched the news feed.

So… what’s Steemit? Think decentralizing the Facebook model, and creating an alternate, blockchain-based Facebook. Everyone benefits. Except, for a couple of things. It doesn’t solve the media industry revenue problems, since content from existing content producers is still getting shared on Steemit. And it has a very big catch-22 problem – Facebook is Facebook because everyone is on it. There have been many attempts at creating alternatives to Facebook, but if the platform is essentially a replacement, it usually remains a relative ghost town… as everyone waits for the other to get on first. And again, it definitely focuses on the individual consumer, or the prosumer content creator. Not an enterprise solution, nor is it meant to be.

Still, a new social network that pays you to create content, and pays people to interact, and is an alternative to Facebook, we’re supportive!

#FakeNews Media vs WikiTribune

Wikitribune is basically a digital newspaper running of donations, along with a Wikipedia-like army of volunteers. Definitely a newspaper I’d read, in particular when events are breaking, and you need a balanced, verified view of the goings on. Hence their focus on verified recordings, etc.

So Wikitribune is definitely a great attempt at one aspect of the journalism industry – breaking news – particularly when we live in a world where having an unbiased view of events as they unfold can sometimes be critical. It definitely gives any major news service that plays in the breaking-news category, a solid run for their money. And as a new by-the-people-for-the-people resource within the broader journalistic and news media ecosystem, it is an addition that we wholeheartedly support!


So what is PressCoin?

Before we answer this question, it is important to take note of a couple of things. First – we now know what Civil and Steemit really are. And two – that in order to understand PressCoin, one only needs to understand the set of PressCoin platforms already under development. But first, we’ll understand the approach, the philosophy, and most importantly, the design of PressCoin, and how it creates a completely new news media universe. All this in What is PressCoin, Really. Stay tuned.

And you can support PressCoin by joining the token-sale here.

Top 5 Reasons Donald Trump is Actually Good for Real News #TrumpForRealNews

This is a quick list, but we’d love to hear from you! Tweet us at @realPresscoin, with hashtag #TrumpForRealNews with more reasons! Here’s our list:

  1. More people are now reading the news

  2. More people now know that the mainstream media companies are not really in the news business

  3. More people now know that Corporate and Political interests control our news diet

  4. More people now distrust the mainstream news media than ever before

  5. More people are now looking for a solution than ever before


It is becoming increasingly clear that the compromised, fake news media is unable to steer clear of corporate/political influence, and the populace (you and me!) are raised on a carefully controlled diet of pseudo-information.

The only way out of this mess is to fix the reliance on ad-revenues, which Facebook/Google have greedily swallowed up. It is also increasingly clear that only a for-the-people, by-the-people effort can succeed.

Enter PressCoin.

Support PressCoin, the Bitcoin for an Independent Press. Save Journalism, Save Democracy. And profit from it.

P. S. – don’t forget to tweet us at @realPressCoin – and send in your ideas for why Trump is good for news #TrumpForRealNews

Time for PressCoin

One more down. The venerable Time Magazine. What can one add, when the headlines are already so relentless?

New Yorker: Can Time Inc Survive the Kochs?

Washington Post: Time Inc., the Koch brothers and the fiery populist roots of their new business partner

Bloomberg: Koch Brothers’ Pledge Not to Meddle in Time Inc. Is Met With Skepticism

Just how much influence does big business have on media? Now you know how it happens: most main stream media is owned and influenced by corporate or political interests.

We don’t need to do too much analysis on this, when a single player with vested interests wants the populace to think a certain way. Here’s an 18 minute segment by John Oliver on the corporate takeover of local news. Watch it, then we’ll contiune.

Haha, so funny. Sigh.

What is the solution? Something truly decentralized, where full-spectrum opinions are clearly available to see, complex issues are decomplected into subtopics and organized via navigable, explorable interfaces. A space for civil dialogue and debate about issues that affect us all.

The PressCoin platforms are just such a halcyon ideal of focused, purposeful communities, arranged around specific actitivies and focus areas.

Insurge Intelligence, for investigative reporting and analysis. NextElection for elections monitoring, analysis, and community-scorecards. Zolori for local news, local events, and local businesses. Mojonomy for citizen reporting and mobile journalism. Positive solutions journalism with ChickenSoupNews.

PressCoin is a much needed protocol – by the people, for the people. And by opening up the token sale, it is also of the people.

And as can be seen, media is big business, and so happily, saving the world can be profitable for everyone!