The PressCoin Competitive Advantage

Before we can talk about PressCoin per se, let’s talk briefly about how we see the world at HigherOrder, a place from where we’re helping manifest new transformative platforms for the future of work and life. PressCoin, obviously by its very nature, is critical to everything going on in the world today.

The world is changing, and is at a very unstable point in history. Inequality itself, and the associated stresses from such extreme inequality, have brought us populism and divisive politics, a very divided electorate and society, rising tensions in many parts of the world, and a rhetoric that doesn’t help bring clarity, only more FUD.

Decentralization and Blockchain

On the back of all this, there is hope, as there always is. People are people, in their common need for belonging and happiness. And a core of the world’s population is waking up. They’re waking up to the truth that there can be other ways in which we can relate to each other, exchange with each other, and do business with each other. These more conscious ways bring people together to co-create and share value directly, with purpose, and with immediacy, without borders, in real-time.


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Decentralization and blockchain are the key to this revolution, and PressCoin is built on these ideas and technologies.

True Omnichannel

Is today’s Internet application a website? Or a mobile app (iOS, Android, etc)? What about email newsletters, push notifications? What about voice assistant interfaces (Siri, Alexa, Google Home, et al)? How about the various chat platforms (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc)? And not ot mention all the social channels (FB, Twitter, Snap, Weibo, and so many others)? New devices? New formats (Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles)?

Isn’t the Internet *all* of these, and more? Shouldn’t a modern Internet experience work seamless across wherever audiences are, in intelligent, real-time ways? This shouldn’t be rocket science.


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PressCoin is built on top of Quintype, a modern media technology cloud that creates true omni-channel experiences that are data-driven, real-time, and intelligent. This foundation further allows the PressCoin Shared Infrastruture to be built as a set of extremely agile micro-services, that can be combined or scripted together to create modern platforms for the future of news.

Location First

Is today’s Internet experience useful if the service doesn’t know or care where you are? Modern news/elections platforms need to be highly location sensitive, not just for events, but also about who is engaging, where they’re located, how opinion varies based on country/state/city/zip-codes, and so on.


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Location is built into PressCoin as a first-class entity.

Data First

Data is the new oil, and PressCoin has data built into its very being. Again, the Quintype platform and its various components help in creating this all powerful data-driven infrastructure that enables the PressCoin platforms, via a common data backbone and services.


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The PressCoin protocols, the data-backbone, and the seamlessly integrated platforms form reference implementation of this data-first strategy.


In the world of borderless interactions, borderless value creation, and borderless commerce, cryptocurrencies facilitate money transfer. Cryptocurrency makes money programmable, and this reduces costs and removes ineffiiencies. This makes it possible to deeply integrate payments into decentralized business models.


PressCoin is not just a share of the value created by the PressCoin, it is also a way to transfer value between members, contributors, consumers, and creators. All wallets and payemnts systems are available as APIs to all players in the ecosystem, and come pre-integrated into every account.

Someone earning PressCoin can instantly use it to buy coffee, thanks to a first-of-its-kind fiat-crypto-bridge. This really makes it an end-to-end solution for everyone, regardless of physical location. See detais in next section.

The PressCoin cryptocurrency is of course, a key part of the platform.


It isn’t enough to just allow and use cryptocurrencies, it is critical to facilitiate fiat <> crypto, because the real world is still using regular fiat currencies, and will continue to do so for a very long time.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Cointype and CointypeX, facilitated by HigherOrder, the PressCoin ecosystem will be able to offer seamless interoperability between PressCoin (NEWS tokens), and any other cryptocurrency and/or fiat currency in the world, in real-time. In most liquid fiat markets (about 50 top currencies in the world, probably), the cost for this transfer would be zero, and near-zero for the rest of the world.

This fiat<>cryptocurrency bridge is a huge competitive advantage that will be hard to match.


A portion of the PressCoin ICO proceeds goes into an innovation process that includes a startup accelerator program. This is used to fund innovations from around the world – whether they be virtual newsrooms covering important issues – or small technology outfits building things to improve the PressCoin universe.


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Innovation is deeply built into the DNA of PressCoin, and operations are designed that way. We even decentralized it!

For Profit

There have been many attempts at solving the problems of the press. Many have tried this through non-profit initiatives, etc. At PressCoin, we strongly believe that value-creation benefits all, indeed our model differs only in how we reward the people who purchase NEWS tokens.

Beyond that, this is a massive opportunity. And the profits will come. For now, I leave you with this question: what is the platform today that is “for news”? Is it Facebook, or Twitter? And if not, then here’s that opportunity… And where is the platform “for elections”?


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Contribute to the PressCoin ICO today to fund deep, interconnected platforms for Investigative News and Analysis, Citizen Townhall, Elections, Citizen Journalism, Hyperlocal News, and other much needed services in the noosphere.

Why PressCoin will succeed where others have not

There are several reasons why we believe PressCoin will succeed in ways that many are not seeing today. This article attempts to shed some light.

First of all, one has to clearly understand that this world is being eaten by software. PressCoin has the technology side covered: modern data-driven platforms, API-driven microservices, deep personalization and AI, automation, omni-channel CMS systems, seamless enterprise integration backbone, real-time messaging systems, layered architecture, et al.

The PressCoin technology platform is powered by modern engineering principles and is scale-ready for billions of interactions a day.

Secondly, one has to clearly understand what one is in the business of. A publisher who is exclusively monetizing through advertising is literally in the business of selling consumers’ attention. This is the Attention Economy Trap.

PressCoin takes a very clear approach. Instead of trying to change the world at once, we have approached this by making-something-people-want. This means, instead of shooting to have 2B users over 10 years, we aim to bring on 100M seekers of knowledge, understanding, and compassion. This smaller but more powerful community is the focus, and not the whole world-at-large.


PressCoin is attracting that 10% of the world’s Internet population that is seeking new spaces and platforms for civil collaboration, civil dialogue, civil debate, and civil, compassionate actions. PressCoin platforms enable seekers to go from seeking to understanding to connecting to collaborating to constructive actions.

This marketplace of content, data, engagement, ideas, understanding, and actions are where value is created and generated and how PressCoin generates revenue. Advertising will play a role, but there are 15+ revenue streams identified, please do read the whitepaper for more. And most importantly, the platforms are built to be agile enough to try new things and scale them quickly if they work! There is no other way.

Thirdly, by espousing a specific, revenue-redistribution model, which rewards the whole economy and not just the platform, it creates a longer term space for regenerative value creation that simply becomes a force in itself, just how decentralized economies and communities of the future will be.


In that way, we’re building PressCoin to conform with the vision of the new Internet. Blockchain fundamentally changes the structure of organizations and businesses, and cryptocurrencies fundamentally change the ease with which new business models can be implemented.

With the PressCoin platforms and infrastructure built on top of this base engineering/business stack for what we’re calling Internet 3.0, we’re inviting focused and purposeful journalists, news organizations, elections monitors, politicians, experts in many areas, and concerned citizens to create new purposeful and conscious news and elections platforms for the world. 🙏🏽