Time, NextElection, and Merry Christmas

I trust everyone is having a slower than usual set of days… the end of the year is always a good time to slow things down a little, take the time to smell the roses, so to speak 🙂

It is often a good time to reflect on the Time that’s slipped us by (yet again!) and to spare some thought on where we want it to go next. Some people say one should reflect on the how we got here, and to really analyze the causes, the effects, and to get to the Bottom of Things, and to really understand before one does anything… Perhaps, that is certainly a way to approach things. IMHO the past doesn’t matter all that much. The moment that we’re in, the present, it already encompasses everything that has happened. Here we are, in the now, always intensely now.

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And from here we look towards the future, and we only see where we want to be, where we want to go. And how we got here only matters because it got us here. And now, a common goal, a common and more real future calls to us. We must unite as people, past our minor differences, and unite in our commonness. We must stop arguing about who said what to who and on what media channel and how many tweets were generated from all of it… We must pause, and take a step back. We must breathe.

Instead of all this, we can simply go where people gather to seek understanding and collaboration and actions to make this positive future happen. Surely in an age of so many platforms, surely there are platforms that are quieter and saner, and that value purposeful collaboration over vanity metrics and such, and instead of focusing on the variations within the single human race, focuses on the 99.99% that makes us human in the first place?

PressCoin is really not about “news” – because “news” is just a word and words are empty – only our common consciousness gives words meaning. And today, our common consciousness has become incredibly divided… is it any wonder that we are unable to understand each other, or see each other’s point of view, or indeed, even see each other as human? Yet, divided as it as become, frayed and irritable and scared… it is common consciousness.

PressCoin is powering platforms that bring people together in *moderated* ways … no yelling, no screaming, no cursing, no ego. Decentralized, for the people, by the people. For purposeful activity, for meaning.

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These are bold experiments. But the world needs bold. And no one is bolder than all of us together. So, in that spirit… we’re announcing NextElection – a digital town hall to bring together politicians, journalists, and citizens. They’ve launched with a very cool feature called Conversations – here’s one – http://www.nextelection.com/conversation/10/trump-supporting-singer-claims-lewandowski-slapped-her-butt-at-recent – and it asks a question/poll – this one asks if this Politico piece should even be considered news! You can vote on the answers, see how others respond, what people think… Start your own Conversation!

Oh, and Merry Christmas from all of us here at PressCoin!

P. S. Image of Time and Woman is from here. And the NextElection team wanted you to know that a proper launch is coming!

P. P. S If you’ve already bought some NEWS tokens, then we thank you for your support! And if you haven’t – they do make rather wonderful Christmas gifts – perfect for those family members and friends that keep going on and on about the news and politics!

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