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What is PressCoin, really?

PressCoin is a very large, ambitious project that requires a fundamentally new approach to solving the troubles of the news/media industry. Ad-revenues have dried up, and Facebook/Google/etc are dominating the landscape. We’re all in trouble. PressCoin is a bold solution stream.

This article talks about what PressCoin is at a high level, and how it might work. Oh, and you can participate in the PressCoin ICO here.

Total Economic Value – The New Digital News Media Fiat+Crypto Economy

PressCoin is different from most ICOs. The value of PressCoin isn’t a single platform or revenue stream. PressCoin is a protocol, shared infrastructure and services, reference implementations, and an open developer ecosystem coupled with a startup accelerator program.

PressCoin Full Page Voting

Here are the foundations, so to speak, upon which PressCoin is envisioned and is being built.

Shared Design Philosophy

Real simple: Open Collaboration, Partnership, and Decentralization over competition and dominance.

Shared Technology Infrastructure

Seamless media technology cloud, underlying big-data systems, advanced APIs for engagement and analytics, and an omni-channel CMS platform for deploying digital experiences across social, email, chatbots, messengers, devices, platforms, web, mobile, push notifications, and all other digital audience channels.

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Shared Business Services

Consumer Data Intelligence, Monetization, Enterprise Sales, Ecosystem Partnerships, Strategic Relations

Shared Developer Network

A common AWS-like set of components, built in an API-driven manner, create an ecosystem of Lego blocks. This fertile playground for agile experiments in the news/media/journalism sphere to be accelerated at much lower cost, while increasing innovation and value.


Shared Fiat/Crypto Financial Services

Built on top of the Swiss-bank backed crypto/fiat trading platform CointypeX, the PressCoin Payment Services, Wallets, and API systems make it simple to create entirely seamless experiences for end users. This extends the reach of PressCoin, transparently, as fiat money, anywhere in the world, in real-time.

More complex financial services are also built in, and provided as APIs to developers. For instance, offering micro-credit or a loan to a customer or a vendor … these kinds of use cases are now simple. A complete derivatives platform also offers more complex instruments to be created, further creating a strong liquidity and thus a strong financial foundation for the PressCoin economy.

Shared Reference Implementations

New media platforms aren’t only about writing and content. It’s about collaboration and action, with a mix of news and discussions. Around specific things and purposes. After all, for “general purpose” platforms, look no further than Facebook. Of course, when there is no specific purpose, there’s often no purpose at al…

So what does it mean to create purposeful, activity-oriented platforms for the future of news media? Here are a few that are already various stages of design, development, and testing:

NextElection – Town hall for politicians, journalists, & citizens

InsurgeIntelligence – Investigative reporting and analysis

ChickenSoupNews – Positive Solutions Journalism

Zolori – Local News, Local Events, Local Businesses

Mojonomy – Citizen Mobile Journalism Economy

In subsequent posts, we’ll start talking a lot more about some of these.

New potential partners from around the world have also started reaching out, and we should be announcing some new flagship platforms shortly. Examples include one that applies PressCoin to the financial news and advice space, and one that applies PressCoin to the fragmented/broken PR industry.

Real News is Freedom

Shared Television Platform

PressCoin.TV – digital first programming.

The PressCoin.TV platform will create a multi-channel video experience, including top aggregated and curated content from across all platforms.

Thanks to decentralized production, the system will allow multi-lingual, multiple geographies. Cable partnerships will provide reach to masses where TV is still a primary means of news/information consumption.

Shared Venture Arm

Innovation is vital to all industries, but clearly, the media industry is a clear example of how innovation didn’t happen. The PressCoin ICO reserves 25% of funds raised to be used by an innovation arm that is looking across the industry for gaps and new innovations. We’ll also be announcing a few very interesting projects that we’re working to bring into the PressCoin world.

Shared Partner / Advisor Network

The very nature of the project involves large scale collaboration and managing the moving parts. This affords the opportunity to bring a large number of innovators, influencers, and venture capital together, and provide access to the entire ecosystem.

Total Economic Value

So this is PressCoin. How does one regard it? Only with a glint in the eye.

In the meantime, support us by joining the ICO.

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